Top ten loans issued in 2015

Surprises come from the latest data referring to the loans of 2015.

Ragusa in the top ten loans issued in 2015

According to a study by Crif Credit Solutions, in the last year there has been a boom in loans provided in eastern Sicily, and in particular in Ragusa . With an average amount of € 13,833, the Iblea province is in the top ten in the ranking of loans in the provincial capitals of Italy. There are several reasons for this “Ragusashire”, as some commentators have defined the economic evolution of this city. The most important reason is certainly linked to tourism that, in recent years, thanks to the successful series of Commissioner Montalbano , has evolved exponentially, also leading to a high increase in the purchase of real estate. If this is added then the sparkling industry of Ragusa, especially specialized in dairy products and food, you get a positive economic picture that, in the chain, has led to an increase in personal loans and mortgages.

Less positive, on the other hand, appear to be data on the provision of loans in the whole of Sicily. With average amounts of € 106,331, € 3,225 and € 12,593 for, respectively, mortgages, loans and personal loans, our Region is at the bottom of the three rankings referring to these categories of loans, where the lion’s share is Trentino South Tyrol.

These numbers should not, however, make us depress. In fact, the value related to personal loans is growing , and it gives hope, for the South , the good performance of a region like Basilicata.

Therefore, 2016 can give us better data, partly due to the growing confidence in the recovery, a bit for the increasingly convenient financing solutions. In fact, more and more advantageous ways to apply for a loan (personal, finalized or mortgage) are increasing, thanks to the agreements of the credit companies with public, private and pension agencies and for the particular conditions in which the financial markets are located. this moment, which is why Online Loans grants disbursements even with financial problems.