The sale of the fifth, the best tool for your needs

Is the crisis really behind?

The transfer of the fifth, the best tool for their needs

Is the economic situation in our country really more reassuring? We can not say with certainty, but the news that comes to us from TV and newspapers are increasingly positive. Following a trend that began last year, consumption increased steadily, for all segments of the population. Part of this increase depends on the increased demand for loans, due to better economic conditions. And a type of loan that most is required by Italians is certainly the sale of the fifth.

But what is a transfer of the fifth? And why is it so popular?

The transfer of the fifth is a loan reserved for all employees, be they private, public or pensioners, and the relevant legislation is governed directly by the law. This last peculiarity represents one of the strong points of this loan, making it safe and guaranteed. It is also characterized by a repayment (which can last up to 120 months) with constant installments, which are deducted directly from the salary and which can not exceed 1/5 of the monthly salary.

It is disbursed at fixed interest rates and, often, can also be made to people with previous financial problems.

Another advantage of this product is the non-finalization of the loan: the liquidity obtained can be used for any purpose you want , from the renovation of the house to the purchase of the car, through the costs of marriage and the furnishing of your apartment.

Finally, it is possible to modify some characteristics of the loan obtained immediately after payment of the forty-eighth installment or to contract a new loan with deduction, the proxy, without renouncing the existing assignment.

In short, for employees and retirees, the sale of the fifth can be a useful tool to meet their needs and desires , with guarantee of security, flexibility and legal and insurance coverage. And if really the hardest times have passed, under these conditions, to afford some caprice is more than legal.