Loans in Switzerland – money received for what?

The proportion of foreigners applying for a loan is almost half. On average, the requested loan amount is CHF 32’153.

Reasons for borrowing

Often there is a lack of liquidity and financial bottlenecks can be exhausting for coping with everyday life. In order to bridge these bottlenecks, it is not uncommon to consider taking out a loan.

One of the most common reasons is the repayment of existing debts. These debts can be medical bills or open credit card amounts. With a loan, various debts can be paid off at once. The remaining debt from the open personal loan can then be conveniently refunded in a single monthly installment.

Another common reason is buying a car. A car loan is often cheaper than a lease, plus the car can be purchased directly. Again, the customer determines the monthly installments themselves as well as the amount right at the beginning of the loan request online.

Other reasons for taking out a loan in Switzerland are house renovations and the purchase of furniture. In the short term also small loans are taken up for holidays, wedding or training. In our loan calculator online , the customer decides amount and installments. Our team of credit experts helps to optimize the personal budget after the first processing.

Responsible lending

Lending is prohibited if it leads to over-indebtedness of the consumer (Art. 3 UWG). For this reason, according to sources of the ZEK, 28-5% were rejected last year for cash advances as well as partial payment agreements and leases. Our job as a credit intermediary is to find optimal solutions for our clients. Often there are possibilities to reclassify an existing credit agreement on better terms.