Personal Loan

Everybody comes into the situation that we needs money for a certain project. This can be for a renovation, new television, party, solar panels, etc. Fortunately, in that case you can borrow money through a personal loan.   No. You do not have to submit an invoice to take out a personal loan. That means you […]

Motor Loan

With an engine you have all freedom in your hand. To avoid that a new moto or second-hand engine costs your entire savings account, you can also decide to take out a motorcycle loan.  Why should I borrow money through a motorcycle loan?  Especially not to balance your monthly budget. You pay a fixed amount […]

Money Reserve

With a money reserve or credit can temporarily cope with unforeseen costs. The capital of the money reserve is available on a continuous basis. So you decide whether you use it and when you pay it back again. Do you not use the money reserve? Then you do not pay any costs. Below you […]

Borrow Money

You can borrow money for a house, a car, a renovation, etc. There are several reasons why you would want to borrow money. Of course you can also take out a loan to temporarily have some extra financial breathing space. Below you will find more information to find the best loan for your project. Borrow […]

0% leasing: What to pay attention to when leasing!

0% -Leasing offers in Switzerland It sounds really sensational: rent the new car simply interest-free – currently advertise several car companies in Switzerland. For customers who want a new car, but can not put the necessary francs on the table, that’s tempting. However, you should not be blinded by the offers with zero-percent leasing. Who […]

Loans in Switzerland – money received for what?

The proportion of foreigners applying for a loan is almost half. On average, the requested loan amount is CHF 32’153. Reasons for borrowing Often there is a lack of liquidity and financial bottlenecks can be exhausting for coping with everyday life. In order to bridge these bottlenecks, it is not uncommon to consider taking out […]

With a loan you finally have the chance to renovate your home!

You know, renovating your home is never an easy choice . The temptation to postpone the following year is always incumbent, due to the high costs and the stress that causes this operation. The problem is, however, that there is also the presence of those small or large structural interventions and those aesthetic improvements that […]

Top ten loans issued in 2015

Surprises come from the latest data referring to the loans of 2015. According to a study by Crif Credit Solutions, in the last year there has been a boom in loans provided in eastern Sicily, and in particular in Ragusa . With an average amount of € 13,833, the Iblea province is in the top […]

The sale of the fifth, the best tool for your needs

Is the crisis really behind? Is the economic situation in our country really more reassuring? We can not say with certainty, but the news that comes to us from TV and newspapers are increasingly positive. Following a trend that began last year, consumption increased steadily, for all segments of the population. Part of this increase […]