Personal Loan

Everybody comes into the situation that we needs money for a certain project.

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This can be for a renovation, new television, party, solar panels, etc. Fortunately, in that case you can borrow money through a personal loan. 

 No. You do not have to submit an invoice to take out a personal loan. That means you can spend the money of the personal loan freely. This makes this loan different from, for example, a mortgage loan or car loan . With these credits you can only use the credit amount for a house or car.

Do I have to repay the loan within a certain period??

Yes. The bank and you will agree in advance on which period you have to repay the personal loan. The personal loan takes the form of an installment loan. As a result, personal credit will have to respect certain statutory maximum terms. A credit of, for example, 2,500 euros will have to be repaid within 24 months. The higher the amount you borrow, the longer you can choose your installment period.

How much can I borrow via a personal loan?

That depends on the conditions applied by the lender. The bank will always use a minimum and maximum amount within which your personal financing must fall. With most providers, this fluctuates between 500 and 75,000 euros. Lenders will of course also take your personal financial situation into account. If you already have a loan, the maximum amount of your loan on installment may be lower. This keeps your income and expenses in balance.

You pay a JKP for personal financing

 A lender will not provide you with the personal loan for free. You pay interest during the period of the credit. How high this interest rate is depends on the amount you borrow. In principle, the interest rate decreases as the amount you borrow is higher. Providers are obliged to propose the interest via the APR. This APR is the total cost of the loan. In addition to the interest, any administration and administrative costs are included here.

Why is a personal credit interesting?

The personal financing allows you to realize your dreams, without having to loot your savings. By paying the installment loan, you pay back the same amount every month. The lender will automatically include the APR in this refund amount. In addition, the personal loan can be used for any purpose. So if you would like to invest in a hobby that could once become a professional activity, then you have the perfect financing with the loan on installment.


Motor Loan

With an engine you have all freedom in your hand. To avoid that a new moto or second-hand engine costs your entire savings account, you can also decide to take out a motorcycle loan. 

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Why should I borrow money through a motorcycle loan?

 Especially not to balance your monthly budget. You pay a fixed amount every month via a motorcycle loan. This payment depends on how much money you borrow and within which period you want to repay the loan. If you do not decide to borrow for a motorcycle, you will have to pay the entire purchase amount in one go. As a result, you keep less money on your savings account to cover unexpected costs. Like a broken washing machine.

Can I also take out a motorcycle loan for a second-hand engine?

Yes. Most lenders allow you to borrow money for a new bike as well as a second-hand motorcycle. Contact your lender for confirmation. The majority of the banks consider a motor as new as long as the motor is not older than 2 years. For motorcycles that are parents than 2 years, the interest rate will be higher. That is because borrowing money for a new bike is cheaper than borrowing money for a second-hand motorcycle.

Difference between motorcycle loan and car loan

In fact, there are few differences between a motorcycle loan and a car loan . Both loans are in form an installment loan. That means that there is a maximum term within which you have to repay the loan. Furthermore, you will have to submit proof that you have actually purchased the motor and the car via the loan, both for the motorcycle loan and the car loan. Certain creditors do not even offer a specific moto loan, so you are actually obliged to borrow money for a moto via the car loan. Good to know is that with car loans there is a cheaper interest rate for the purchase of an environmentally friendly car. With the motorcycle loan there is no special rate for a green loan.

What amount can I borrow for the bike?

Creditors allow you to borrow up to 110 or 120% of the purchase price. This means that you can not only pay for the purchase of the motor via the loan. At the same time, you still have sufficient budget for the payment of your first insurance premium, the tax on entry into service (BIV), etc.

Request online motor loan

You can easily request your motorcycle loan via the internet. At the providers we list you can make a motorcycle loan simulation. When you enter the amount of money you want to borrow and the period within which you want to repay the loan, you immediately get an overview of the monthly amortization table. Because of this you already know in advance which fixed amount you have to pay monthly.

Money Reserve

With a money reserve or credit can temporarily cope with unforeseen costs.

Money reserve via

The capital of the money reserve is available on a continuous basis. So you decide whether you use it and when you pay it back again. Do you not use the money reserve? Then you do not pay any costs. Below you can compare the providers of a credit opening.

How does a money reserve work?

In practice, you will have to make the purchase through a current account with the lender. That means that you therefore temporarily go below 0 on the current account. Afterwards you can decide freely when you pay back the loan amount. You decide how much you lend. You can always re-enter the redeemed amount afterwards. Most cash reserves allow you to withdraw a credit amount between 500 and 5,000 euros. Would you prefer to borrow more money ? Then we recommend a classic personal loan . This immediately gives you a larger credit.

Is a money reserve forever?

No. Most credit openings are indeed for an indefinite period. That does not mean, however, that you would not be able to cancel the money reserve. You always have that right. Some credit openings also work for a fixed duration, whereby the duration is tacitly extended each time.

A credit card can be a money reserve

But not always. Everything depends on the system on which your credit card works. Certain Visa credit cards and Mastercard credit cards allow you to pay back the purchases you have paid via the card. In that case, there is indeed a credit gap. The lender lends you the purchase price of, for example, the washing machine or vacuum cleaner for a certain period of time. However, if your credit card settles all your purchases with the amount on your current account the month after that, there will be no credit facility.

Is there a minimum amount that I have to pay back?

Yes, that’s possible. The lender will include this in your practical arrangements. For example, there are creditors who require you to repay monthly a certain percentage of the withdrawn amount. For example, 6% with an absolute minimum of 25 euros. Also take into account the reset period. In order to prevent households from accumulating debts, the legislator has imposed this zero-term period. As a result, after a certain period of time, you will again have to place the credit balance balance at 0. The exact reset period depends on the amount of the credit line. Once you have completed all the arrears, the period of zeroing starts to count again.

Cost of credit opening

With most creditors you do not pay management or file costs for the credit opening. This means that you will only pay costs for the period in which you go below 0. Have you, for example, agreed a credit limit of 3,000 euros with the lender, but do you need 1,500 euros? Then you only pay interest on the EUR 1,500. Keep in mind that you pay interest each day at the credit opening. This interest or Annual Cost Percentage (APR) is also a lot higher than the interest on a personal loan. You do well to keep the period in which you withdraw money through the credit gap as short as possible.


Borrow Money

You can borrow money for a house, a car, a renovation, etc. There are several reasons why you would want to borrow money.

Borrow money via

Of course you can also take out a loan to temporarily have some extra financial breathing space. Below you will find more information to find the best loan for your project.

Borrow money for a house

 You take out a mortgage loan or home loan to pay for the purchase of a house. In principle, this is only a part of the purchase price. The additional costs such as notary fees and registration fees are therefore directly at your expense. The lender takes out a mortgage registration with this type of loan. This means that the lender may sell your house if you do not repay the loan.

Personal loan

A personal loan is an installment loan. This allows you to borrow money for different purposes. For example, it could be a party, a washing machine, etc. So you do not have to submit an invoice for which expenses you have paid via a personal credit. This loan is therefore a great alternative if you prefer not to withdraw money from your savings account. In addition to a personal loan, many banks also offer credit facilities today. This is a form of borrowing money where, in contrast to a personal loan, you do not receive a fixed amount. As a borrower you can use the money as much as you want, provided you repay it within the agreed arrangements.

How much money can I borrow?

How much you can borrow via a loan depends on your personal situation. Of course, the lender will be interested in your monthly income. This could for example be your wages, fixed rental income, etc. On the other hand, the lender places your fixed expenses. In addition to the repayment of a mortgage loan or the payment of rent, you can also have other current loans. Based on these two elements, the lender can determine how much you can put aside on a monthly basis. You could therefore also spend this amount on the loan.

In how much time do I have to repay the loan?

The longer the term of a loan, the lower your monthly amount of repayment will be. Yet it is not always so interesting to spread your loan in time as long as possible. The interest you have to pay will then be higher. This is because the lender calculates the interest on the outstanding capital.

On the other hand, the legislator has imposed a maximum period for certain loans. This is the case, for example, with the personal loan or consumer credit. The maximum period in which you have to repay your loan is determined by the amount you have borrowed. For example, with a loan of EUR 7,501 you will have to repay this amount within a maximum of 48 months. That is 4 years. A residential loan is not allowed in practice for more than 30 years. That is because the mortgage registration and therefore the lender’s privilege automatically disappears after 30 years. With a mortgage loan, the term therefore varies between 10 and 25 years.


0% leasing: What to pay attention to when leasing!

0% -Leasing offers in Switzerland


It sounds really sensational: rent the new car simply interest-free – currently advertise several car companies in Switzerland.

For customers who want a new car, but can not put the necessary francs on the table, that’s tempting. However, you should not be blinded by the offers with zero-percent leasing.

Who exactly calculates, quickly realizes that the offers often turn out to be decoys and are not as cheap as it seems at first glance. For 0% leasing, the dealer will only charge you the standard leasing rate of four to five percent on certain models. Sounds like a lot, but in Franconia this amount is often ridiculously deep – three examples:

  1. A Mitsubishi ASX costs just under 220 CHF per month with a 0% lease. With a leasing rate of five percent, the Japanese would be just 11 CHF more expensive. As a lessee, you will receive just CHF 270 for a 24-month term.
  2. Leasing customers of the popular SUV Fiat 500X Trekking are a bit better off: with 0% leasing, after four years you can save a good 550 CHF after all.
  3. Those who opt for a slightly more expensive car, such as an Opel Insignia Sport , naturally saves more. As a lessee you pay here at zero percent per month for a four-year lease contract CHF 348. Regular leasing would cost 36 CHF more per month here – after a total of 48 months a good saving of 1.700 CHF will be saved.

Savings tip: Leasing is very expensive overall. As a cash payer – even with a cash advance in your pocket – you will generally receive good additional discounts in Switzerland. Alone, these are usually higher than the leasing rate saved in so-called zero-percent leasing.

Disadvantages of leasing

  • High down payment, hefty residual value: As a lessee, you often have to pay high down payments. In the example Fiat 500X it is after all 3,300 CHF. Also at the end of the lease, you have to dig deep into your pocket if you want to keep the car: in our three examples, the residual value due is a hefty 11,000 to 13,000 CHF.
  • Expensive comprehensive insurance: For leasing vehicles, a comprehensive insurance is generally mandatory in Switzerland. This costs at least around CHF 400 more per year than the usual partial comprehensive insurance. Young drivers, on the other hand, have to spend as much as CHF 1,000 more – per year.
  • Annoying workshop commitment: Car leasing may only be maintained by branded garages with original spare parts. Even if you usually always go to the brand garage in the first two years – after the warranty period, the repair in an independent garage will cost you much less.
  • Usual mileage limit : The most annoying thing about leasing is the limited mileage. Especially with the zero percentages are usually included only 10,000 kilometers per year. For most, this is not enough in everyday life. If you drive more and want to return the car after the leasing time, then you will get the rude awakening: up to 50 cents per additional kilometer will be due. Most annoying: Any damage that goes beyond normal signs of use, the Garagist will additionally charge you at the end of the agreed lease term – and that is mostly a matter of opinion.

Conclusion : In the end, a free leasing at zero percent for the vast majority of consumers to the clear minus business.

  Small loans from the bank usually the better choice

You absolutely need a new car, but currently have too little cash for it? Then you should rather look for a cash advance , or rather just take a special car loan at the bank. Some banks are already outsourcing loans to five percent. Hardly more expensive than common leasing rates, and you have several advantages. You own the car from the beginning. Thanks to the cash discount, you can usually save up to ten percent and more when you buy. And as a private, the debt interest can also be deducted from the tax . With leasing interest this is not possible in Switzerland.

Tip: If lease, then only with legal protection.

However, if you do not want to forego leasing, you should definitely take out a legal expenses insurance before signing the lease contract. Because, no matter whether premature exit from the lease, or discussions about the amount of the final invoice at the end of the lease. Lease conflicts are usually pre-programmed. And without legal assistance, you have consumers here usually bad cards.

With leasing in the debt trap

Car costs are often a reason for financial difficulties. Therefore, future car owners should write down all expenditures prior to purchase and mercilessly include all costs. Only then does it become apparent whether a car can even fit into the household budget. For leased cars, the TCS has laid down the rule of thumb:

  • The actual cost of a leased car is three times the leasing rate per month.
  • If you lease a car, you must also be aware that the lessee has no right to keep the car at the end. Not even if a residual value has been agreed in the contract. Because a leasing contract is legally not a purchase, but a lease.

Online Loan Switzerland – How It Works, Information and More

Do you need cash? Or the date for a payment is approaching, but you do not have the money to settle it?

Do you have a problem in your home and have to deal with it? An online loan can help in the form of financial bridging to deal with bottlenecks.

Today, the Internet is the preferred tool for multiple tasks. Even financial activities are no exception. Cash loans or online loans are a modern and practical way to use technology and put it to the service of people’s needs.

How do I apply for an online loan ?

Online loans are really helpful for those who need emergency loans. For example, in the form of a personal loan, loan for furniture, business loans and much more.

The process of lending online is a very simple process. Apart from that, the Web is also an excellent place to conduct your own analysis and research. So that you are sure about the requested loan, before a final decision is made. The personal loan online business is growing rapidly. This has led to fierce competitions among very different lenders and credit intermediaries.

Do you own a credit card? Obviously, it is not easy in today’s world to live without additional funding. But the benefits offered include liabilities and fees. These should always be looked through in advance.

Have you ever bothered to pay for a loan and possibly have to pay a fine or extra charges for late payment? For credit cards, the interest rates are high. Should you consider another loan option?? Why not try to apply for a personal loan? Well, here are a few benefits that a loan entails and why it is worth considering a personal loan:

  •           Low interest rates
  •           Flexibility in amount and rates depending on the budget
  •           Topping up an existing loan
  •           Short processing time
  •           Little paperwork
  •           Safe handling
  •           Best options thanks to many years of experience

What are the benefits of an online loan?

There are many benefits to applying for a loan online . Here are some of them:

  • The loan request is processed online so you do not have to visit banks personally.
  • All documents as well as bank statement and identity card can be uploaded online or sent via email to get the loan approved.
  • We can quickly process a loan application within 24 hours if all the details are supplied correctly together with the request.
  • After approval of the personal loan by the bank, the money will be transferred to the customer’s account within 14 days (legal waiting period).
  • Your information is 100% secure thanks to the official GEO Trust seal and the most up-to-date encryption of the data online.

Is there any kind of processing fees when I apply for a loan online?

No, there are no additional processing fees for online credit processing. The borrower fills out all necessary information independently on the website and sends the necessary documents via email to us. At the end of the loan request, an upload function is also available if the documents already exist at the time of the credit inquiry.

The request will be processed by our team of experts within 24 working hours. If there are any questions, the applicant will be contacted by phone or email. Thanks to many years of experience as a credit intermediary, our credit experts can quickly judge whether an application is feasible or not. This depends on the personal budget, ie monthly income and expenses of the applicant, and any other existing debts (leasing, cash advance, credit card, debt collection, etc.).

Ecocredit receives a commission from the financial institution as a credit intermediary and therefore does not charge any additional processing fees .

Loans in Switzerland – money received for what?

The proportion of foreigners applying for a loan is almost half. On average, the requested loan amount is CHF 32’153.

Reasons for borrowing

Often there is a lack of liquidity and financial bottlenecks can be exhausting for coping with everyday life. In order to bridge these bottlenecks, it is not uncommon to consider taking out a loan.

One of the most common reasons is the repayment of existing debts. These debts can be medical bills or open credit card amounts. With a loan, various debts can be paid off at once. The remaining debt from the open personal loan can then be conveniently refunded in a single monthly installment.

Another common reason is buying a car. A car loan is often cheaper than a lease, plus the car can be purchased directly. Again, the customer determines the monthly installments themselves as well as the amount right at the beginning of the loan request online.

Other reasons for taking out a loan in Switzerland are house renovations and the purchase of furniture. In the short term also small loans are taken up for holidays, wedding or training. In our loan calculator online , the customer decides amount and installments. Our team of credit experts helps to optimize the personal budget after the first processing.

Responsible lending

Lending is prohibited if it leads to over-indebtedness of the consumer (Art. 3 UWG). For this reason, according to sources of the ZEK, 28-5% were rejected last year for cash advances as well as partial payment agreements and leases. Our job as a credit intermediary is to find optimal solutions for our clients. Often there are possibilities to reclassify an existing credit agreement on better terms.

With a loan you finally have the chance to renovate your home!

You know, renovating your home is never an easy choice .

The temptation to postpone the following year is always incumbent, due to the high costs and the stress that causes this operation. The problem is, however, that there is also the presence of those small or large structural interventions and those aesthetic improvements that have become, in our eyes, indispensable and which, often, do not allow us to postpone this important decision.

What better season to renovate the house, then, if not the one that is about to come? The summer is the best time for renovations and, above all, just the months before us seem to be perfect to decide, finally, to renovate your apartment. In support of this thesis, in addition to incentives and tax deductions, there is the convenience of financing.

Mortgages and loans for home renovation , in fact, are experiencing a particularly fortunate moment , due to favorable economic conditions.

What then can the solutions best meet the needs of those who want to renovate the apartment? First of all, we distinguish between those who need a large sum from those who need a smaller amount. For the latter, the loan is the optimal solution. Online loans , for example, allows its customers to get hold of the money necessary for the restyling of their home with a loan extended up to 120 months and the possibility, therefore, to reduce the installment.

On the contrary, it is the situation of those who need a large amount because they are forced to high restructuring costs. Different, but not less advantageous. In fact, even here, Online Loans meets its customers, and it does so with mortgages at very low rates and at favorable conditions.

In short, whether they are important works, small interventions to the façade of their home or the modernization of the kitchen, the common factor is always one: the advantageousness of the loans that, so, are candidates to be the best supporters in the decision, too often postponed, to renovate the house.

Top ten loans issued in 2015

Surprises come from the latest data referring to the loans of 2015.

Ragusa in the top ten loans issued in 2015

According to a study by Crif Credit Solutions, in the last year there has been a boom in loans provided in eastern Sicily, and in particular in Ragusa . With an average amount of € 13,833, the Iblea province is in the top ten in the ranking of loans in the provincial capitals of Italy. There are several reasons for this “Ragusashire”, as some commentators have defined the economic evolution of this city. The most important reason is certainly linked to tourism that, in recent years, thanks to the successful series of Commissioner Montalbano , has evolved exponentially, also leading to a high increase in the purchase of real estate. If this is added then the sparkling industry of Ragusa, especially specialized in dairy products and food, you get a positive economic picture that, in the chain, has led to an increase in personal loans and mortgages.

Less positive, on the other hand, appear to be data on the provision of loans in the whole of Sicily. With average amounts of € 106,331, € 3,225 and € 12,593 for, respectively, mortgages, loans and personal loans, our Region is at the bottom of the three rankings referring to these categories of loans, where the lion’s share is Trentino South Tyrol.

These numbers should not, however, make us depress. In fact, the value related to personal loans is growing , and it gives hope, for the South , the good performance of a region like Basilicata.

Therefore, 2016 can give us better data, partly due to the growing confidence in the recovery, a bit for the increasingly convenient financing solutions. In fact, more and more advantageous ways to apply for a loan (personal, finalized or mortgage) are increasing, thanks to the agreements of the credit companies with public, private and pension agencies and for the particular conditions in which the financial markets are located. this moment, which is why Online Loans grants disbursements even with financial problems.

The sale of the fifth, the best tool for your needs

Is the crisis really behind?

The transfer of the fifth, the best tool for their needs

Is the economic situation in our country really more reassuring? We can not say with certainty, but the news that comes to us from TV and newspapers are increasingly positive. Following a trend that began last year, consumption increased steadily, for all segments of the population. Part of this increase depends on the increased demand for loans, due to better economic conditions. And a type of loan that most is required by Italians is certainly the sale of the fifth.

But what is a transfer of the fifth? And why is it so popular?

The transfer of the fifth is a loan reserved for all employees, be they private, public or pensioners, and the relevant legislation is governed directly by the law. This last peculiarity represents one of the strong points of this loan, making it safe and guaranteed. It is also characterized by a repayment (which can last up to 120 months) with constant installments, which are deducted directly from the salary and which can not exceed 1/5 of the monthly salary.

It is disbursed at fixed interest rates and, often, can also be made to people with previous financial problems.

Another advantage of this product is the non-finalization of the loan: the liquidity obtained can be used for any purpose you want , from the renovation of the house to the purchase of the car, through the costs of marriage and the furnishing of your apartment.

Finally, it is possible to modify some characteristics of the loan obtained immediately after payment of the forty-eighth installment or to contract a new loan with deduction, the proxy, without renouncing the existing assignment.

In short, for employees and retirees, the sale of the fifth can be a useful tool to meet their needs and desires , with guarantee of security, flexibility and legal and insurance coverage. And if really the hardest times have passed, under these conditions, to afford some caprice is more than legal.

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